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A group of migrants from Pakistani relax near the Serbian/Hungarian border. January 2018

“We had fallen asleep and it must have been about 3am. It was freezing that night so all of us (20+) were covered in blankets hiding from the cold. I woke up when I heard the shouting. I pulled the blankets off my face, saw everyone jumping up and two huge men shouting and shining a touch in people’s faces. Both men had touches and balaclavas on their faces and seemed very angry.

One of the guys had a pistol and he pointed it at us individually and told us to give him money or phone. This lasted about ten minutes and then they left to check the other building. …

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On a bitterly cold winter morning a refugee walks over the railway sleepers acting as a crossing point between the ‘Barracks’ buildings.

Last winter the Barracks was home to more than 1000 asylum seekers from Afghanistan and Pakistan. In the cold, dark abandoned buildings known as the Barracks, asylum seekers lived in squalid conditions and slept under piles of UNHCR blankets. Thick toxic smoke from the fires burning tar covered railway sleepers and rubbish would gather in the buildings. Hundreds of people developed respiratory problems and skin infections from living in such dire conditions.

The Barracks was seen as safe haven for those fleeing war and extreme poverty in their home countries.

When the Barracks was closed in May 2017 the people who lived there were dispersed to government run camps across Serbia and given medical treatment once they registered with the authorities.

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Type into google ‘street photography’ and this is the result;

So we all know the general theme that photographers try to photograph real people in public under completely natural conditions. Doctoring images and staging scenes in street photography is a complete ‘no no’ and detracts away from what the photographer initially sets out to photograph.

New technology in cameras has given street photographers more options to capture candid moments like never before but does this pose ethical questions? Is it ‘street photography, art or an invasion of privacy’. …


Edward Crawford

Edward Crawford is an aspiring photojournalist. Currently covering the refugee crisis in the Balkans. @vicenews @DW @coffeelicious

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