Here is what I learned from #AskGaryVee

First off, you might ask, “Who is this Gary Vee?”

Gary Vaynerchuk is an American entrepreneur, speaker and internet personality. He is also an author of the book #AskGaryVee. Vaynerchuk was first known for being a wine critic, he would make YouTube videos critiquing various wines from his family’s business. He is ow known for his digital marketing and social media with his businesses VaynerMedia and VaynerX. You can follow him on many social media platforms such as Twitter (@garyvee), Facebook, Instagram, YouTube (@garyvee) and Snapchat (@GaryVee). He is very easy to find!

If you plan on presenting a brand for business use or personal, Gary Vaynerchuk knows the ins and outs of social media and the best ways to execute them.

Something I learned from #AskGaryVee is “Your brand should be on any platform that has meaningful scale within your target audience” (Vaynerchuk 193). If your target audience is millennials, it is best to stick with platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat because they are newer and still developing. When trying to reach to an older crowd, maybe use Facebook or Twitter. You should present on a platform where your customers or fans are also present, so using aps like Vine might not be the best resource. With my own social media experience, I learned when trying to have a photography brand, start with Facebook, because almost everyone is on it. Facebook is more personal, it is a way to connect with friends and family from all over. When starting a brand, one of the best ways of exposure is word of mouth, that is how I got my small brand seen, through Facebook.

A question you might have for your brand is “What’s the best way to use Facebook ads? And what to pay?” Gary Vaynerchuk’s answer: “Get in there and figure it out” (Vaynerchuk 181). That might sound useless, but it’s true. The best way to get good at something is to keep doing it. There are hundreds of different resources to help you figure out how to create a Facebook ad, you just have to look. Seeing if they work or not will depend on how much time you spend on these ads and listening to your consumers on what kind of content speaks best for them. “The only way to figure that out is to experiment and see what happens.” This advice can go with any sort of advertising, not just via Facebook.

With so many different platforms of social media, how to we manage time for all of them? Simple. “Hire an assistant and make him or her the czar of your time” (Vaynerchuk 235). Don’t have the money to pay someone? There are hundreds of aps that can help you manage your social media pages, my favorite being Buffer. These types of programs can help you schedule a post for whenever you think the best time of day is, and it also shows you the reactions you are getting with your posts. I learned about Buffer this year because it has helped me to remember to post for certain occasions like a holiday or a friend’s birthday. Brands are well aware of these things such as holidays or national events because that gives them an opportunity to post about their brand.

With everything becoming so digital, it is sometimes hard to become more personal. There are many brands that are completely online, and sometimes with communicating to customers, it can become difficult and some things might come off in a bad way. Gary Vaynerchuk states that a company should not eliminate in-person meetings. Why is this important… “because human beings make decisions, not machines” (Vaynerchuk 260). Going digital can be thought of as a gateway to human interaction, but not the only way. There is more energy and passion when it comes to in person interactions. How do you feel shopping online versus shopping in a physical store? They are the same idea, but different experience. Having personal people skills cannot only make you a better boss, but a better person.

Gary Vaynerchuk’s personality is a little different than most “social media masterminds.” He is very energetic, but it can also come off as too much. I appreciate his style of self-promotion, but sometimes it is a lot for me to handle. I follow him on most social media platforms because it is interesting to see what he is up to and how he is marketing his brand. A common criticism said about Vaynerchuk is that he is a “snake-oil salesman”, meaning he makes his money telling other entrepreneurs that they too can become rich and famous by self-marketing on social media. In my opinion, if you are doing something that promotes your brand in a positive way, who cares how you do it, or how much self-promoting is involved…I mean, just look at the Kardashian’s. They are the definition of self-promotion.

Regarding his social media, I like how on his Instagram account he posts well taken photos or videos of himself and adds his own quotes to the graphic, including hashtags and his signature, I feel like that throws a unique touch on his posts, and that he posts very frequently. On his Twitter however, he not only posts things about himself, but he also tells his followers to check out other videos or articles of other people or articles that he finds interesting. That helps us see what he is interested in and how to get his attention. If you follow him on Snapchat, you get more of an outlook on his day-to-day activities and lifestyle. He lets us into his world.

Gary Vaynerchuk’s brand is just going to continue to grow bigger. If you want to have an established brand as well, I would advise you to consider following him on any social media platform, or even checking out his book #AskGaryVee. It gave me a few insights on how to better promote my personal, or professional brand. Thank you for reading!

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