NC Governor

Gov. Pat McCrory, 59, was born in Columbus, Ohio. As a child, his family moved to North Carolina where he has resided since. He graduated from Catawba College, majoring in education and political science. He was able to facilitate his love for teaching at North Rowan High School before moving on to Duke Energy, starting in a management-training program. He worked his way up the ranks from ditch digger to an economic developer and visionary. He has been married to his wife, Ann, for 28 years now, and while they have no children of their own, they are the proud parents of their adopted dog, Elmo “Moe” Cadbury McCrory.

As his love for the city of Charlotte grew, he decided to join the political scene as he entered his name for mayor in 1995. He served a record of seven terms. McCrory was the visionary the city needed as it was beginning to peak at record highs for economic growth, bringing in many people to the city. Transportation and pubic safety were big factors that he worked to get in line quickly, and the city thrived. Charlotte was considered one of the best places to live in the country. With so much under his belt and so much success, it was easy for him to make his bid for governor.

Swearing in as North Carolina’s 74th governor, McCrory was immediately faced with many of the state’s problems. The state had one of the lowest education systems and the fifth-highest unemployment rates, with no job prospects in sight. As any eye can see, McCrory and his team were able to create 230,000 jobs so far, and the education system has had a complete make over, increasing teacher pay and encouraging so much more with the children and their reading skills.

The biggest issue currently on McCrory’s plate is the issue of bathroom access for transgender peoples. The state is fighting hard against the federal government and even cities within the state to keep people protected in privacy and equality. This, of course, makes things difficult when transgender people feel their rights are being threatened. The NBA has already pulled their All-Star game from Charlotte, and the NCAA has also withdrawn their championship game from North Carolina. This issue is going to be one hanging for a while.