It’s funny, every time I debate someone about JavaScript (and Node), they trot out the same tired…
Richard Kenneth Eng

  1. A whole lot of companies are indeed using Node. Check the download numbers for Express on the npm website.
  2. 94% of all websites use JS, and a similar percentage of companies bigger than a mom n pop shop have websites.
  3. Download numbers for frameworks like React, Angular, and Vue.JS imply a significant number of companies using JS to build non-trivial apps. (Data available on npm).

Yes, other lang’s like Java, Python, C++, and PHP are also widely used. Nobody is saying otherwise. What we are saying is that by several measures, JS is even more popular. By other measures, other langs still rank higher.

So what? This article is about JS. If you want to tout numbers for your favorite lang, I look forward to reading your blog post.

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