Thanks, and what is your opinion about Angular 2. Should I start learning Angular 2 now?

UPDATE: Lots of people seem interested in this, so I expanded this answer into a blog post: Which Tech Should You Learn Now?

According to our own JavaScript Scene survey last year, there were fewer people interested in Angular than using Angular, and much stronger interest in React, which may be an indicator that Angular users are considering a switch to React.

That said, Angular is still very popular, and I believe the over-all popularity of Angular is still growing — just not as fast as the popularity of React. Candidates with Angular experience get paid more than average, but that’s also true of React and Node.

So, my advice based purely on statistics: Learn React and Node first. If you’re interested in Angular, learn that, too, and it will certainly not look bad on your resume.

If I were picking one stack to back right now, it would be Node + React. Easy choice.

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