Eric Elliott
Apr 29, 2018 · 1 min read

If training is not realistic, you’re in the wrong industry. 99% of working developers lack solid training in software design and architecture fundamentals.

Most can’t tell you what a closure is or what object composition is: the foundations of understanding how to be effective using FP and OOP paradigms.

3/4 of developers are self-trained and 1/4 of devs are poorly trained by dysfunctional CS curriculum.

And almost zero companies make up for those deficiencies with in-house training and mentorship.

In other words, if you simply accept the status quo and refuse to offer training in-house, your team will be the blind leading the blind.

Knowlege silos will be the norm. One or two stand out devs carrying the bulk of innovation and the rest stragglers getting burried under their own tech debt.

Failing to train is an unrealistic approach that leaves your success up to dumb luck, rather than the inevitable result of a commitment to quality culture and process.

Roll the dice if you want. I’d rather stack the odds in my favor.

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