Maybe not just them, but the whole JS community usually misses the point for being guided by…
Fagner Brack

Redux is a library which implements an architecture somewhat similar to event sourcing, but with a functional programming twist. The architecture also has a lot in common with the GoF command pattern, which is essentially event sourcing with an OOP twist.

ngrx/store may not say “Redux architecture" in the docs, but it implements essentially the same pattern with a small adaptation: the store is an observable.

Perhaps Dan Abramov did not intend to inspire a change in the way we think about state management architecture when he built his library, but that is exactly what he did, even though many of us have written lots of similar things before. Prior to Redux, I’d never done it with reducers.

When other libraries started to copy the patterns laid down by Redux, that’s when it became a general architectural pattern instead of just a library.

Sometimes these things take on a life of their own beyond what the author envisioned. That’s exactly what happened here.

Basically, Redux is a library AND an architecture. Anybody who says otherwise is underestimating the impact of Redux.

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