Why React is the Top UI Framework in the World

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React is the world’s most popular JavaScript framework, but it’s not cool because it’s popular. It’s popular because it’s cool. Most React introductions jump right into showing you examples of how to use React, and skip the “why”.

That’s cool. If you want to jump in and start playing with React right away, the official documentation has lots of resources to help you get started.

This post is for people who want an answer to the questions, “why React? Why does React work the way it works? What is the purpose of the API designs?”

Why React?

Life is simpler when UI components are unaware of the network, business logic, or app state. Given the same props, always render the same data. …

How 10x Developers Produce 10x Value

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Is there a shortcut to becoming a 10x developer? Is there some magical secret that — if you only knew it — would unlock a whole new world of software development mastery and productivity for you?

This is where the doubters are thinking “There are no shortcuts! Everybody needs to practice to get good!” And that’s true enough, but what are the experts of software productivity practicing, and is there one key thing that can make a huge difference?

Yes! There is!

But even if I share it with you — even if I give it away and spell it out for you in detail— it might take you 10 years to grow into and fully appreciate the simplicity of it. …

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Redux is an amazing tool if you take the time to get to know it. One of the things about Redux that commonly trips people up is that reducers must be pure functions.

A pure function is a function which:

  1. Given same arguments, always returns the same result, and
  2. Has no side-effects (e.g., it won’t mutate its input arguments).

The problem is that sometimes a reducer needs to make a complicated change to some input state, but you can’t just mutate the state argument without causing bugs.

The solution is a handy tool called Immer. In this video, I’ll introduce you to Immer and show you how to use it to reduce the complexity of your reducer code. With one or two small reducers, the difference is pretty subtle, but on a large project, it can significantly simplify your application code. …


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