He asked a young woman to his home and then sexualized their encounter by giving her an easy access view of his old ass balls. That’s obvious sexual harassment
A Gentleman’s Guide To Sexual Misconduct…and Enthusiastic Consent
Zaron Burnett III

I fail to see how. If a woman invited a man home & opened the door in her teddy would it be called sexual harassment? It would be called being hopeful & if he chose to leave & the woman insisted/pressed/forced him to stay THEN it would be harassment. Every man or woman out there is trying to get some man/woman. As long as it is not unwelcome or imposed it doesn’t constitute sexual harassment. We need to give those feeling uncomfortable a vocabulary (e.g. “I feel uncomfortable meeting you at home. Let’s meet in the office or at Starbucks.” OR “I will wait outside till you get dressed in appropriate clothes.” OR “Seeing how you are dressed, I prefer to NOW take this meeting in the office.”) to express their discomfort & not a phrase to slap on all feelings of discomfort.

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