Because the killing of animals is seen as sinful and results in a soul taking a lower birth
In the sanskrit texts that I have read about the interpretation of “mamsa” — it always refers…
Kim R.

I might be wrong but this sounds like a Prabhupada interpretation of the Vedas. I can cite passages from the Vedas (without interpreting them) where it clearly says that “each to their Nature”. Hence, if it is in your Nature to eat meat, you will not incur sin. Hence, Rama was without rebirth. Hence, the rishis do not incur sin.

Which is why I am wary of citing texts — each to their interpretation in addition to the belief angle which people can argue out of. I’d rather take an absolute path & realise that one doesn’t need to kill & eat. And I am glad we agree on that & merely are discussing the means to that realisation. Eventually, whatever works to get there, is welcome! :-)

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