The Coronavirus shutdowns revealed a lot about what ministry/churches were or were not prepared for, one of which was online giving.

When states and cities went to almost total lock down because of possible transmission of the Coronavirus, many outreach, church ministries, and other non-profits took a financial hit.

  • In 2012 only 3 to 14% of giving to ministry/church was done online.
  • In 2019 pre-COVID, online giving to ministry/church increased to 94%
  • During COVID 40 to 60% of ministry/church receive online giving

In the first week of the shutdown, 62% of pastors and ministry leaders surveyed by Barna said that…

Being able to influence makes you an influencer, and influencers have the power to change anything.

Influence: The capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something.

With the right tools and skills that encourage, and build confidence, you have the power to influence and change anything in ministry, at work and in your community.

Jesus influenced three types of people:

  1. His disciples — Those who believed.
  2. His critics — His younger brother James as well as some Pharisees.
  3. His enemies — Saul once the enemy of the early ekklesia. After his Damascus experience, and a name change, Paul became the main propagator of Jesus’ message.

As He walked among the…

4 Things Ministry Leaders Need To Do Now!

Originally published December 2019 Edited in April 2020

2020 is the beginning of an all-digital, artificial intelligence, cloud-based age. It’s an emerging trend that will change everything. Here’s a tip, ministry will not be immune from this trend. It’s a trend that will force many leaders out. More than ever, the ability to adapt and change to fit these new dynamics is crucial.

Trends Matter

They are ongoing and have been around since the beginning of time in both the secular and faith worlds. Trends can last for decades. Amazingly, emerging trends have also been the “Achilles hill” of 90…

5 Tools to help you do ministry differently: Tool 5

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We are indeed creative beings made in the image of a creative God. So why are so many bound by unscriptural rules that hinder creativity?

When leaders, systems, and traditions become barriers to creativity, to a God given gift, it prevents others from experiencing lasting transformation.

Time to recreate ministry.

Not the kind of ministry that you’ve been taught and have accepted.

Not the one-person show guarded and maintained by the gatekeepers of generations past, but ministry re-imagined. Ministry that’s fresh, new, and different. …

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As you begin to re-open your church building, there is one big thing you should and need to consider… Will stepping back into the past harm your future?

It is predicted that many churches/ministries, an estimated 20% to 30% will have major challenges in the next 18 months to 3 years and that the COVID shutdown will and has had a deep and long-lasting impact on the lives of a lot of independent churches, non-denomination churches, smaller churches as well as aging churches and will reshape the congregational landscape forever.

In a Barna Group survey:

  • 68 percent…

5 Tools to help you do ministry differently: Tool 4

“Behold I will do a new thing”.

I am convinced, that one of the reasons why the Christian faith was so successful in the 1st century, was because it was new.

Think about it.

Jesus came on the scene with a new message people had never heard. Curious people came to hear Him teach this new message. He didn’t modify something old, he introduced something new. He didn’t come to make something old, better. He did something totally different.

“A new commandment I give you”.

This new commandment was just…

5 Tools to help you do ministry differently: Tool 3

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After months of unprecedented disruption due to COVID, many predicted that things would be settling down by now, and “church” as we know it would be back to normal. But that’s not happening.

Ministry leaders are now faced with the fact that many aren’t returning because of fear of contracting the virus. They’re concerned about the cost and attention now needed to ensure the proper sanitation and cleaning of a church building. Many have voiced their concerns about the difficulty of worshiping with a mask on and…

5 Tools to help you do ministry differently: Tool 2

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The use of imagination and original ideas; is what is called, being creative. However, to become and be creative in ministry, you will have to be like Jesus when he broke with tradition and the status quo, by having a conversation with a woman he met at a well. That conversation not only broke a rule but transformed a soul.

Ministry as we know it in America could use some imagination and new and original ideas. It could use more creativity, some rethinking, rearranging of patterns, thoughts…

5 Tools to help you do ministry differently: Tool 1

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In the New Testament, it was the believers at Antioch that first broke the mold of sharing the news of Jesus’ redemptive death and life-giving resurrection to Jewish people only. At Antioch, they realized that the Holy Spirit was working in new ways to reach the Gentile culture in which they found themselves. So, they began to target and reach out to those outside the traditional ethnic and religious structures of Judaism.

Change is not easy, but it’s certainly not new

Don’t let tradition (church, religious denominations…

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