Blog Project #2 and #3

Blog Project #2

Format: Photograph

Audience: U.S. Citizens

Purpose: To bring awareness to the public of the effects of deporting an illegal immigrants.

Effectiveness: When undocumented illegal immigrants parents are deported back to their countries, their children are forced to stay in foster care homes here in the states. Theses homes try to provide for the children and force the parents to give up the child, but of course, as any parent would, they want to keep their children and not give them up no matter the circumstance. The U.S. immigration laws are seen as if these kids will do better in these American systemed foster homes than living a life in poverty back in many immigrant homelands. I feel as if these kids should not be torn away from their parents and forced into foster home if that is not what they want. These lawmakers should rethink and see the value of reuniting families. If these people mean no harm and only want a better life for not only themselves, but also their family, what’s so bad about that? I feel as if this picture is giving the message that illegals are not “objects”, they are also human.

Blog Project #3

Format: Photograph

Audience: General Public

Purpose: To show how these people with this disorder view themselves and how dangerous it looks.

Effectiveness: The issue with body image is a growing concern. Studies have shown that girls between the ages of 11 and 17 wish that they could be thinner. Also, girls as young as 5 years old claim that they have worries and fear of gaining weight. People are so scared of gaining weight, they turn to sticking their fingers down their throats and throwing up food they have eaten. They then develop anorexia, and start to lose an extreme amount of weight that is considered unhealthy for that person’s particular height and weight. This is a very serious issue in America today. I feel as if this picture is really capturing what the girl is feeling and also showing her viewpoint that she’s fat, but our viewpoint that she’s extremely skinny.

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