Pluck each borage petal
Each petal on my eye
I will peer through the sweet blue
and see the world in a new
Light house beacon call

Forever folded in the veins
Never have I ever
Kissed you
Missed you
Certainly never dissed you

Cut away the dead branches and watch it grow
I’ll lead you to the land of milk and honey
Teaser Alert: the milk is just my sexual fluid and the honey is my saliva on your breast

I’ll watch my mother die and make my wedding gown from my grandmother’s snowflakes
Will you walk me down the aisle between the live oaks?
We’ll bury her in a pile of scissors and pens she would have been proud to own.

Forever is a long time-side
Shore-side or dock-side
Conservative or liberalease
I’ll feed you a raspberry while the fish make eyes at us
And hope for better days

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