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What is NPM?

NPM stands for Node Package Manager and is the world’s largest software registry. NPM is used to share, borrow, develop packages that can be public or private to your organization. It’s also a command-line utility for interacting with packages and it’s hard to imagine a world without NPM.

Why React Custom Hooks?

As sharp and conscious developers that we all are, we…

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So far, in the previous episodes, we have covered the various basic types but will come to a point we’ll need to handle them in a more efficient and less verbose way.


Many times we found ourselves repeating code and not being enough explicit to help other developers to read our work. Let’s look at an example:

const introduction = (firstName: string, age: number) => 
console.log(`My name is ${firstName} and I'm ${age} old`)
introduction("Francisco", 36)

We must describe the shape of our object and sometimes…

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“A type is a syntactic method for enforcing levels of abstraction in programs. The study of type systems, and of programming languages from a type-theoretic perspective, has important applications in software engineering, language design, high-performance compilers, and security.” Benjamin C. Pierce

Types are (almost) all that TypeScript cares about. And even…

How to setup and configure

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One of the mistakes I’ve made when I started with TypeScript was not to bother seeing what tools were available so that I could do a proper installation. …

The first of a series of articles about TypeScript

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Anyone learning programming for the first time will have to understand types early on. They are everywhere. After all, every value has a type. And what would it be a programming language without a value?

Apart from being a Software Engineer at Sainsbury’s Tech(UK), I’m also a coach at React GraphQL Academy, where we teach professional developers…

Francisco Gomes

Software engineer and React GraphQL Academy coach sharing my passion for the art of coding.

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