Creandum has its roots in Stockholm. The Nordics have been our home from the start, and it’s from there that we derive a big part of our product, founder, and design perspective. The Nordics have fostered many of our funds’ portfolio successes over the last seventeen years. Today, we are expanding the team in the Nordics with an investment manager.

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Your role within the firm

As an Investment Manager, you will be part of Creandum’s global investment team, identifying the most promising startup investment opportunities across Europe and the US — concentrating on the Nordic markets.

Through the firms’ and your network, you will source, analyze and evaluate startup business opportunities across industries, stages and geographies. You will become part of the deal team and you will be a crucial part of the whole deal journey: from the first meeting through to closing, and beyond. Your input will decide about the progress of a due diligence and whether or not the team proceeds with a potential investment recommendation. You will therefore have a direct influence on which companies the Creandum Funds invest in, and you will continue to work with these companies over the long term, both inside and outside the boardroom. …


Fredrik Cassel

VC @Creandum. Spotify- KRY- Virta Health- Kahoot!-depop- Xeneta- Soundtrack Your Brand- Videoplaza (sold)- Cint (sold)- 13th Lab (sold)- Tripbirds (RIP)- Vint

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