Day 49

Kunal, an engineer, was tired. He wanted to go to West and take the bus farther. He wanted to head West. That’s all he wanted to do. He didn’t care for sunrises all that much. Sunsets were his thing. He wasn’t naive enough to go chasing sunsets but his 6th sense was of the opinion that things would be better off for him back west. His life was fine as it was. He hadn’t any complains except that he couldn’t travel all that much. And during holidays, he had to travel East. He had no choice. His children lived there with his ex-wife. He loved his kids. Lately, he’d also come to appreciate his ex-wife. He’d come to understand why she made the decision she did. He and her, oh how so similar, but how very different. The outlook they’d had towards things were completey the opposite. It’s like they’d come from different directions but were together only because of empathy. Or maybe sympathy. Hard to say now. In this case, hindsight wasn’t 20/20 but one thing was for sure. Both had agreed to go their separate ways when they’d found out that the directions they’d wanted to take was the opposite. She loved the East.

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