It’s not what you say it’s how you say it she said

You always quietly took that in, repeated every word carefully and silently to yourself. Maybe if You just stood still long enough all the pieces would settle into their spots. Neatly, like boxes ready to be put away in some dark part of the basement marked hastily on the outside telling you what was inside. But the pieces and these words aren’t interchangeable, apples and oranges. Pieces fall and keep falling until you can’t keep up with them. You can’t focus on the words and think that if you read them slower and take your time with each and every letter that somehow time will stop. It won’t. It hasn’t.

Shoving all of it into this box isn’t as easy as when you moved. Just threw everything in your car and showed up ready to put it all into that cleared out drawer, just for you. That was easy. Throwing them into them into the box that morning after you decided to leave was not. You’re usually good at these things. You leave and you don’t come back and time passes and you start the process again. Only this time you don’t know what to write on the outside of the box. You don’t want to put it with the rest, so you stand there and slowly and quietly repeat the letters to yourself.

Because after all, you never learn.

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