Letter to you from me:

These are all things I want to tell you but cant because we’re not in each other’s lives anymore and as weird as it is to want to tell someone things that’s not in your life anymore I still want to:

First and foremost, I miss you. So fucking much Im starting to think its never going to go away. I miss you all the time and it hurts knowing that I can’t pick up my phone and call you to tell you random shit throughout my day. I’m trying so hard to find someone else to do that with but every time I do so I just end up comparing them to you and they never match up, not even close. I think maybe one day it wont be written so clearly on my forehead that I still love you and maybe then I can do so. I don’t know when that will happen though because I’ve been patient with myself and it’s still not here.

Second, I love you, still. So much. This part is self explanatory and I feel like even if I tried to go into it I wouldn’t be able to describe how much I still love you. I know I’m not doing myself any favors by still loving you but I don’t care.

Third, part of me feels like you owe me and explanation. Like why did it have to fucking be Matt the person you left me for? Why?

Please ignore this part of me, this part of me thinks if you somehow gave me an answer that everything I still feel for you will go away. It wont though, and I know this.

Next, and please excuse me for this because I know this isn’t what you want to hear, but I miss fucking you. Lol. I’m 100% certain I’m always going to miss this, like I said, please excuse me for this.

Finally, I hope you’re doing okay, I worry still, I always worry about you. You’re in my thoughts, every second of every day. Hope life’s treating you well.



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