Love was you until one day it wasn’t

Love was you until one morning I realized I couldn’t cry or write you back into my life no matter how hard it poured or how many words I tried to string together

Love was you until I fell asleep one night and realized you were gone and I wasn’t going to wake up with you back one morning

Love was you until all the other stuff came out

So what’s love?

Was it love when you took him on your birthday trip instead of me? Because that hurt, a lot and I think at that point it wasn’t love but only you know the answer to that

So, is love trying not to hurt the other person?

Was it love when I tried to wait for you? Is it love now that I’ve decided to rip my feet out from the ground where I desperately decided to root them down against their will? Ripping them hurt more than waiting if I'm being honest

I think it was love

It was love until it wasn’t or so I’ll choose to believe because I’ve ran through our last conversations over and over in my head for months now and I still can’t find the answer in them

If it’s still love now I don’t want it anymore

You can have it or we can just leave it here because I don’t want to believe that love can someday end up feeling like this

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