New Zealand falls to populism


This is a little bit mischievous, but only a little bit. This is not a progressive government, It is a government comprised of:

  • A senior partner which used stolen personal data to justify the scapegoating of people with “Chinesey” names for the country’s biggest problem.
  • A junior partner whose dominant characteristic has been blaming and scapegoating immigrants for our woes, creating division while demanding national unity.
  • An outside support partner that holds itself out as the conscience of the nation but, being too haughty to deal with a liberal party, has instead decided to play third-fiddle to a reactionary party — one dominated by a man accused of being a “racist” by a sainted party leader just a few months ago.

Am I happy about the result? Not really. But in a choice between National in opposition or going around the round the Mulberry Bush with Mr Peters again, I prefer to be in the resistance.

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