Why I Suck At Coping With Stress

These past couple of weeks have been rough. Why? Because I’m launching a social community site for natural hair, www.kollectivekoils.com , I’m getting ready to leave the country in 4 days and I’m moving back home to Los Angeles next month.

To say the least, I’ve been racking my brain with slight heart palpitations and sleeplessness every single day for the past twelve days. But I’m not the only one. I’ve talked to a few of my friends who are also dealing with their own personal stresses and we’ve had to have some small “come to Jesus” moments before we all broke down.

One thing you’ll find in many lifestyle based blogs, magazines or related publications is this common theme of:

It’s enough to drive any of us crazy to see so many self-help guides on how to not deal with stress, that we stress ourselves out trying to figure out how to de-stress. See, I bet even reading that was stressful.

So I’m going to speak in honor of many of us who just can’t find solid ways to cope right now, in this present moment. When the breathing exercises don’t work and your meditative mantras aren’t flowing, it’s completely okay to just feel the emotions you feel.

One problem we have in our society is we are so busy trying to cope that we aren’t actually feeling. Sometimes the fears or stress that we feel is an indicator that we are doing something right, extremely wrong or we need a break. If we are so busy coping how will we ever just listen to our bodies.

But honestly… if you need to scream, scream.

If you want to yell, yell.

And if you feel like you just can’t cope, don’t force yourself. Go with the emotions and deal with them head on.

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Originally published at www.hellocharmaine.com on January 26, 2016.

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