#WCW Meet The Board Samantha Lora Rodriguez

Samantha Lora Rodriguez Director of Outreach

I had the opportunity to interview the Board members of Hey there Beautiful (HTB) and get to know them a little better. Who really is behind this wonderful organization that is making waves in our community? I was able to spend a weekend with the amazing women who are making a difference and they shared with me a little about themselves during our HTB retreat. I will be showcasing a Board Member each week on WCW. (Of course I would choose wcw, they do happen to be beautiful, powerful, loving, and did I mention superwomen?) I wanted to show a different side of each woman that doesn’t always get to be seen while helping others and changing the world. We have Seven lovely women for you to meet.

Stacey- What is your title?

Samantha~ Director of Outreach.

S- What brought you to HTB?

S~My sister had an idea that turned into a non profit. I joined her I loved what it stood for. We are making a difference in the school system as well as changing women's lives and literally touching, moving, and inspiring women to be all they can be. I love what we stand for and we are doing something that is needed especially right now.

S- Where do you live?

S~I live in Flushing, Queens NY

S-Where did you grow up?

S~ Brooklyn and Queens, I got the best of both worlds.

S- Two of my favorite places.

S- What is your favorite food?

S~ I love Mexican, Jamaican, and Thai food!

S- Those are a bit too spicy for me but they sure are yummy!

S- Relationship status? Single? Married? Ready to Mingle?

S~Why are you asking me this???? (hahaha) I’m dating, I’m seriously dating.

S- I want to share with our readers… yes to dating!

S- What are your hobbies?

S~I rap, I write, dance, I love anything to do with fashion, I love to learn and study different religions.

S- I have seen you in action you are a master of all !

S- Anything you are involved in/ getting into regarding your hobbies?

S~ I have started a dance program called The TRAP that is every Wednesday at 8 pm. It’s a fun dance class to bring up women's confidence and bring out the outrageous side. I am also releasing songs every week or so for my new album you can find me on sound cloud @Durgaveli. I am also launching a program with HTB called Hide No More and it will be a full summer program that will incorporate 4 different forms of expression that will come together at the end for the girls to perform.

S- What is one piece of advice you would give to women?

S~ Never stop working and never stop believing in yourself. My dad told me work through every pain, every emotion. While working your brain functions and when your brain functions your heart functions it

S- Beautiful.

S- What is one piece of advice you would give to your 18 yr old self?

S~ You can do anything you can pit your mind to.

S- This is so wonderful, our society holds so much self doubt it is hard to think otherwise but guess what? You can do anything.

S- What makes YOU magical?

S~ That I am so talented and creative. I am always myself. I can be professional, I can be ratchet, I can be professionally ratchet. I embrace it. I encourage others to be themselves at all times. Never give up being who you are!

S- Yes, you are! Yes to all of this!

S- Favorite place in the USA?

S~California, I’ve only been there once but the vibes there were amazing.

S- I have never been. I think I need to get out west more often.

S- Can you remember a fun/funny childhood memory? What was it?

S~ I remember there was a blizzard, my dad stayed home with my sister and me to watch us. We must have had cabin fever and my dad tried to entertain us but we wanted nothing to do with that. My dad thought it would be good idea to jump on the pull out bed. Well he broke it and when my mom came home she was so mad she took it out on us and my dad looked at us with that, I’ll pay you back later look just take the fall. We took the fall and my mother never knew my dad broke the couch.

S- That is something my dad would have done too.

S- What makes YOU laugh?

S~ Everything, humor is everything.

S- It truly is everything.

S- What is your superhero or spirit animal?

S~ My spirit animal would be my dog Gmoney. He is a down to earth, loving, little power house of a dog.

S- Just like you, I would have to say. He is a cutie patootie and a tough but loving little snugly ball of fur.

S- What women do you look up to in the world and why?

S~ My sister Dailisha. She a very big motivational force in my life she has always pushed me to be a greater me. I think even if she wasn’t my sister and we were to meet she would be doing the same thing. The relationship wouldn’t change. She pushes everyone to live and be at their highest potential. It is really inspiring to me because there isn’t a lot of people like that in the world. I am grateful to have her as my sister.

S- I would have to agree with this whole hearted. Dailisha is always wanting more for people before they realize that they want it. She is that fire that gets people moving toward their dreams.

S- If you could change one thing in the world what would it be?

S~ I would make education free and provide free meals as well. You shouldn’t have to fight for rights to education or worry how to pay for it. The funding is a huge issue money is taken away every day it defeats the purpose of an education. What will be left to teach??

S- This hits hard with my heart I love learning and have been privileged to live in a country that gives ample opportunity but yet still limits us as a whole this is a deep subject that should have light shun upon it. Our education system may be better than most but it is still lacking. We as a world should want to better our citizens an every human in it.

Tune in next Wednesday for, the last but not least, Board Member number seven. Until then stay Beautifully Inspired!

-Stacey Bifulco

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