#WCW Cake, Cake, Cake with CEO Kayisha Thompson

…and it’s not even her birthday… Kayisha Thompson knows one thing that sets her apart from all the rest, she is a fierce powerhouse that needs no introduction to life. Kayisha Thompson is a tough Brooklynite with a sweet disposition. She holds a Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling. During the day she is a Social Work Supervisor at a Brooklyn based non-profit agency, whose mission is to provide each child in New York with a safe, living family and the tools they need to thrive in school and life. She mentors young women, oversees her team, counsels in a firm yet gentle way all while promoting growth, love, connection and support. At night, Kayisha moonlights as the Cake Executive Officer of De’Lor Cakery designing delectable cakes, cake pops, cupcakes, and sweet treats. As a pastry artist her creativity shines with her amazing designs complemented with deep rich flavors. Her culinary passion as well as her support of the youth are extraordinary to witness from such a phenomenal giving woman. There is no coincidence here that she was nominated as our #WCW.

Here is our delightful interview with Queen Kayisha Thompson:

What is your full name, nickname, origin or meaning and pronunciation?

My name is Kayisha Thompson. For some time I believed that my name was African. When I took an undergraduate dance course my instructor who is Indian expressed to me that my name is actually Hindu derived from Aisha. Kayisha means long hair.

Where are you from?

I was born in Brooklyn NY raised in Queens. I grew up enjoying the beach life of Far Rockaway, NY. I love swimming. My parents are Jamaican with Cuban descent.

What do you do?

I am a Mental Health Counselor with a passion for the Sugar Arts and the Oracle. I am the Cake Executive Officer of De L’or Cakery. De L’or is my baby.

What motivates you?

What motivates me is the prospect of running my own shop one day. To be able to wake up and do what you love for the rest of your life is a blessing.

What is your daily routine like?

My daily routine is waking up with gratitude statements whenever it strikes my nerve. It’s a way of centering myself for the day to be able to handle whatever challenges come my way. When things go astray I know that I overlooked this routine.

What has been your biggest life lesson?

My biggest life lesson is learning to be selfish to yourself. I’ve learned that many people are ridiculously selfish and often take advantage of those with a kind heart. I had to take a step back, look at my finances, look at the people around me, and realize that family is not necessarily your bloodline. It’s the loyalty and trust built with others.

What does the word beautiful mean to you?

For me beautiful is aligned with character and strength. The ability for someone to push through and evolve spiritually from a challenge is beautiful.

How do you empower yourself and women daily?

I empower others daily in various ways. The Bible said to give honor where it’s due so I could compliment a woman on the street, tell an employee I love how they completed a task, or call someone up and say hey I have a message for you.

Who is your role model, mentor?

My mentor is Lisa Mansour of New York Cake Baking and Supply Distribution. Lisa grew up with parents that baked such as myself. She started the NY cake show in New Rochelle and has grown and developed being held in Chelsea Piers due to its popularity.

Best advice someone has given you.

The best advice that someone has ever given me is to trust in yourself.

What is the most unique thing about you and why? Details please!

The most unique thing about me is my English like accent. People often mistake me for being English as I am an American. I think it’s kind of cool. My teachers thought I was acting when I was younger.

What would you tell your younger self?

I would tell my younger self to keep going no matter what and that it’s okay to be selfish to yourself.

If you could invent one app or have a “Shark Tank” idea, what would it be and why?

If I could invent an app people would be able to identify parking spots in NYC where you won’t get a ticket. Those sign can be confusing no parking after midnight to 2 am come on.

Health tips, self-care or tricks?

In terms of beauty tips, an eraser from a pencil replaces a lost earring back. Bronzers in the summer are lighter than foundation. I use St. Ives to exfoliate my skin once a week. I feel like Oil of Olay is still the best moisturizer.

Favorite Movie & Song

My favorite movie is Cruel Intentions.

What are your book recommendations?

My favorite book is Memoir of a Geisha. The culture is fascinating and they made concubine as an art form.

The most scandalous thing that has happened to you? We want all the details!

The most scandalous thing is the most traumatic event I’ve experienced and I am still working through it.

What mantra or quote do you live by and why?

My mantra is expect the unexpected. You never know who God is going to take or give you or what doors will open for you. I always ask him what’s next and he answers.

Where have you traveled? Any dope stories to share?

I have traveled to Jamaica, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Barbados. I am planning a trip to Puerto Rico in 2018. I still can’t believe that I zip lined through the forest in Costa Rica. In the later part of July I am going to the Mexican Riviera with my best friend and my WOI ATL book club buddies.

Any delightful baking tips?

Baking tips: if you want the perfect cake measure everything and your wet ingredients should be at room temperature. The trapped air from room temperature gives you a fluffy cake.

How can our beauties reach you?

You can reach me at Delorcakery@gmail.com

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