#WCW Meet the Greek Goddess, Illira!

Named after the Greek Goddess of Abundance, our #WCW this week Illira is a shining example of what uplifting women is all about. She serves her community powerful by removing roadblocks, flipping fear, and serving as a role model to women. Illira discussed how serving in her passion allows her to connect with her true self. She magically practices what she preaches with her morning Sunrise Rituals that connect her back to herself. Illira shows us how to tap into ourselves with her daily rituals. She embodies how beauty, grace and the power of the mind can create your world. We are honored to be able to spotlight a woman whose life purpose is our mission to empower the world. Read about what makes Illira a true gem!

Here is our interview with Illira Margaritis:

What is your full name, nickname, origin or meaning and pronunciation?

Illira Margaritis. Illira is the Greek Goddess of Abundance.

Where are you from?

Sydney, Australia

What do you do?

I am an Empowered Performance Strategist working with women one on one and in groups helping them to identify their roadblocks, learn how to flip doubt and fear, develop their life + biz vision, build a strategic plan with daring goals, and maintain their motivation. I’m also the author of Sunrise Rituals for Empowered Women and a motivational speaker.

Why are you in this field?

I love to see women ignite their empowerment, step up as leaders and change makers and be role models for other women. I love to share my unique gift of inspiring and motivating women to be the best they can through empowered performance strategies and daily Sunrise Rituals.

What motivates you?

Seeing the light shine in someone’s eyes when they have truly connected with their heart, purpose and passion. It’s priceless to me and fills my heart. I truly believe that its a pivotal time on our planet when women must step up and claim their empowerment so we can be empowered leaders and role models for other women.

What is your daily routine like?

I practice the Sunrise Rituals every day which is why I wrote my book Sunrise Rituals for Empowered Women to share how powerful and life changing having a morning is for women. I wake up at 5 am meditate, then visualize my day and life vision, next I practice the Salute to the Sun yoga asanas, set my intention for the day, write 5 things I’m grateful about, journal to connect with my heart, listen or reading something inspiring to feed my mind, and exercise whether a walk or a work out.

What has been your biggest life lesson?

Realizing that self-love starts the day we accept, appreciate, value, respect, and love ourselves. Self-love originates inside of us, it’s not something someone else can give us or generate for us. I realized that it’s my responsibility to fill my self-love reservoir and keep it topped up, that way I attract more love in my life.

What does the word beautiful mean to you?

Beauty is a state of grace when you feel connected with the love within your heart and your luminescent spirit so that you feel beautiful just for being you, no matter what other people think.

How do you empower yourself and women daily?

I start off my day by giving myself ‘Me-time’ to connect with my heart, focus on my life vision and what I want to achieve in all areas of my life, visualize how I want my life to be, practice gratitude, yoga and meditation, plan and prioritize my day, and make sure I read or listen to something that inspires me. I start off the day feeling happy, confident, motivated, inspired and empowered. I teach these practices to my clients, friends and every woman I meet because they are life-giving and life changing.

Who is your role model, mentor?

My grandmother Marika. She was a graceful, wise, loving, woman who believed in me and always encouraged me to be myself.

Best advice someone has given you.

Follow your heart and believe in your dreams.

What is the most unique thing about you and why? Details please!

My ability to be intuitive and spiritual while also being practical and grounded. I have the ability to tap into my heart and spirit when I’m writing and allow the words to flow taking a life of their own. This ability helped me write my first book Sunrise Rituals for Empowered Women. However I can be very focused, practical and grounded when it comes to planning and taking action which is how I’ve achieved some amazing things in my life.

What would you tell your younger self?

You are an incredible, amazing, courageous and brilliant woman. Never hold yourself back. Never play small. Dream big dreams and go after them until you succeed. Believe in yourself and live life to the fullest.

If you could invent one app or have a “Shark Tank” idea, what would it be and why?

An app with the 7 Sunrise Rituals so that women can be reminded of these daily, and record their thoughts for the day.

Health tips, self-care or tricks?

Self-care tips — every Sunday afternoon I have reflective Me-time where I write a letter to myself as if I’m my best friend asking advice about what’s going on in my life. When I first started doing this I didn’t realize how powerful it would be. The ‘advice’ that I’ve received has been enlightening.

Favorite Movie & Song

The Matrix — the power of our mind to create our reality.

Everything is beautiful, Kylie Minogue

What are your book recommendations?

The Alchemist — believe in your dreams.

The most scandalous thing that has happened to you? We want all the details!

Catching the eye of the main presenter at a seminar who took a shine to me and invited me to lunch. Unknowingly I was the envy of other women who had their eyes on him as an eligible catch. I felt like the whole restaurant was staring at us during lunch. With lots of whispers and assumptions I was definitely in the middle of a scandal.

What mantra or quote do you live by and why?

Master your mind. Master your life.

Where have you traveled? Any dope stories to share?

India, Jaiselmere, a fortified medieval city in the middle of the desert. Magical. It was like stepping back in time. I stayed inside the fort with narrow laneways, merchant’s homes with carved wooden decorative features, and markets filled with treasures. We did a camel trek into the desert, sleeping under the stars, visiting villages with mud homes.

Any dope Fashion Tips?

Wear what makes you happy! I wear a diverse collection from jeans to feminine dresses depending on how I’m feeling or how I want to feel.

How can our beauties reach you?

Wonderful! Please feel free to email me at illira@illiramargaritis.com or visit my website illiramargaritis.com. You can learn more about Illira’s book Sunrise Rituals for Empowered Women.

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