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Struggle. Yes. Doubt. Yes. Feeling hopeless. Yes. Yo-yo dieting. Yes. Fat-Shamed. Yes. Body image stereotypes. Yes. The freaking scale. Oh boy. The numbers. Hate it! We know these words all too well. We have all dealt with being ashamed in one way or another about ourselves or being on the end of shaming others. It has happened. Our #WCW defies all the odds when it comes to women and their body image. Welcome our #WCW Lana Mae Price-Wright, one of the most sassiest women you could ever meet. Lana is the CEO of The Badass Life Coach, a place where she supports women who struggle with body image and healthy lifestyles. Lana is there to push your to the highest possibilities all while saying “it’s okay”. She is a spitfire with the cutest most adorable pup corgi Walter as a sidekick. Through her social media platforms, she takes the world on her own personal journey each day through her eyes. Being a plus size diva herself, Lana gives women permission to accept their powerful beautiful bodies with love, support and trust. She is an exemplary example of what women supporting one another looks like. Lana is the reason young girls bully less and women can allow themselves to say yes to their bodies. Lana is a gift to women teaching us to live unapologetic. There is no judgment or shame with The Badass Life Coach Lana, there is only lots of love with beautiful touches of sparkle. Shine on Beauties!

Here is our interview with Queen Lana Mae Price-Wright:

What is your full name, nickname, origin or meaning and pronunciation?

Lana Mae Price-Wright.. also know as The Badass Life coach. Badass is such an empowering word me to. To me being ‘badass’ means living life on your terms. However you define badass that’s what you strive for in your daily life.

Where are you from?

I am from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

What do you do?

I work with woman who struggle with body image and healthy lifestyles. Think the yo-yo diet mentality. Together we define what badass means and create our lifestyle around that. A lot of what I work on is mindset and Inner Mean girl.. you know that voice inside our head that holds us back, who often tells us we aren’t good enough and sometimes not worthy of all of our dreams.. We learn her message and re-write the script so she can become our biggest cheerleader. Its empowering work!

Why are you in this field?

I struggled with body image, bullying, negative food relationships and so much more. I wish I had someone tell me its OKAY to love my body. I choose to be that for others, My goal is to change how we see the fitness industry and how the fitness industry treats people who are on a health journey. I am so passionate about empowering woman to be the best versions of themselves and being a positive role model.

What motivates you?

What motivates me is the quote “be who you needed when you were younger” I remember what it feels like to be low, to hate myself, to pray for a miracle. Knowing I can make an impact in this world motivates me.

What is your daily routine like?

My Daily routine definitely fluctuates day to day depending on my schedule however this is my “ideal try to make happen daily” routine- 7am Wake up
730- Gym- Generally Powerlifting and strength training
9am- Home- Breakfast/Feed my corgi Walter and we go on a long walk in the morning.
10am- 10 minutes of meditation before starting with content creation for my business
12am- Lunch
1pm- Coaching Calls
4pm- another long walk with Walter
5pm supper
Evening is filled with anything that makes my heart happy!
And naturally Netflix and bedtime!

What has been your biggest life lesson?

My biggest life lesson has been that life is short, live now with no regrets. I was 6 when my dad passed away, followed by 12 years of friends and family, hearing stories of people waiting until they retire before they enjoy life and unfortunately that day never comes for them. it breaks my heart, however I’ve used this lesson as a kind reminder to live full out everyday of my life. I am constantly working hard towards my goals but I never take one day for granted and I embrace the journey and love every minute of it. You never know. Live life now!

What does the word beautiful mean to you?

The word beautiful means very simply our natural state of being. Each and every one of us has a beauty like none-other.

How do you empower yourself and women daily?

I empower myself by taking action towards my goals. When I show up authentically I am able to use my store to help inspire other woman. I believe when we show up authentically as ourselves it gives other woman permission to show up fearlessly aswell.

Who is your role model, mentor?

I have always been inspired by others, to narrow it down would be impossible. My mom, my sister, my friends, woman I have crossed paths with, anyone who has overcome adversity. I’m curious about everyone and their stories and when I heard what others are going through I cant help but see them as someone to look up to. We are so blessed we are all surrounded by beautiful goddess’, we only need to listen to be inspired.

Best advice someone has given you.

The best advice I’ve been given is Live life on your terms. Focus only on making yourself happy, no one else. Everything will fall into place. You always have a choice, and that’s where all your power lies.

What is the most unique thing about you and why? Details please!

I consider myself a Jill of all trades master of few. I can bake a wedding cake, fix your kitchen sink, give you a massage and change the oil in a car and so much more. I love learning new skills, ill figure it out with google, YouTube and elbow grease.

What would you tell your younger self?

Tell everyone you love them, hug longer and just to enjoy every moment. Plain and simple- Be love

If you could invent one app or have a “Shark Tank” idea, what would it be and why?

Okay without getting too ranty here..or passionate.. what I would go on shark tank for is the most ultimate line of plus sized clothing. There is such a need for a good plus size clothes and no one has hit the mark yet. I want to feel cute, sexy in my workout clothes too, I think that’s our right! Although I talk about being the person to create it enough I’ve added into my five year plan.

Health tips, self-care or tricks?

Lift heavy weights? Can that be my health tip. Find a way to move your body until you find something that makes you feel empowered. Keep in mind if there is a diet that promises a quick fix or it sounds too good to be true it probably is to good be true! Trust yourself girl! You know what’s up. Self care- Find something that makes you happy and do it daily!!

Favorite Movie & Song

So right now I am OBSESSED with Bruno Mars- Perm.. if im being honest its totally the first line of the song that makes me sing so loud and immediately puts me in a good mood “It’s my birthday (No, it’s not) But I still look good though (High comb hot)” Even typing that is making me sing in the coffee shop! Favorite movie is tough, I think I watched Cool Runnings on repeat and I still love it! My guilty pleasure is any movie with Will Ferell, I think its comedy is ridiculously hilarious… step brothers.. did we just become best friends?

What are your book recommendations?

Book recommendation- I am a bookaholic- I usually have 5 books on the go at once right now I’m into The universe has your back by Gabby Bernstein or You are a badass… oh maybe thank and grow rich! Honestly if its self help, personal development or business I am ALL over it.

The most scandalous thing that has happened to you? We want all the details!

Well…… I met a guy online in the years of Tumblr, and we started talking everyday, when I flew to NYC to take my coaching course, I decided to meet him, and by decided.. I strategically chose NYC. Without telling anyone before I left the plan was he was going to meet me at the airport. I just joked with friends that I was going to “meet a hot babe and never come back”. I knew that if he “catfished” me I would just hop in a cab and go to my hotel. It was him and it was THE BEST DAY EVER. I let my friends know about him by sending them a picture of us together and still to this day, five years since we started talking, I can count how many days we haven’t spoke on one hand and I’m working hard to move to NYC.

What mantra or quote do you live by and why?

For a long as I can remember my mantra has been “everything happens for a reason”. I believe there is a lesson to learn in all of our experiences, even if we don’t understand it in the moment I think its often the universe saying here’s a slight detour in the right direction.

Where have you traveled? Any dope stories to share?

I have been on more road trips than I can count. There is nothing like packing a couple good friends in a car, trusting your GPS and hitting the wide open road, even if you end up on a dirt road for two ours in Montana with no other vehicles in sight. I’ve also learned bathrooms aren’t the same when you travel to Mexico. NOLA has the most wonderful Jazz scene. However my true love is NYC, I completely fell in love with the city and I am working on moving there now.

Any dope Fashion Tips?

This is more advice than tips but…If there is a style you love- Try it- be unapologetic about the clothes you choose to wear. It’s your body and if you feel good and confident that is all that matters. Don’t let anyone tell you different. That’s more life advice.. but serious I wish someone told me that. Just ROCK IT! Oh and deodorant, baby powder, runner glide all work for boob sweat and chub rub! #savethethighs!

How can our beauties reach you?

Instagram: Badass Lifecoach
Facebook: The Badass Lifecoach
Facebook group- The Badass MVMT
Youtube: Lana Price-Wright
Website- www. Thebadasslifecoach.com
My badass babes I would LOVE to get to know you! Drop in and join the Badass MVMT. We are all about empowering each other and being the best versions of ourselves. Queens empower they don’t compete!

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