Last Week @ Engage Interactive

Change isn’t great but it’s extra sad when it means leaving such a lovely company who both have taught me so much and nurtured my creativity and new found marketing abilities and got me so much further in my career so far!

Digital is such a huge part of everyday life and being within a company that is reacting to that with high quality work has been more then interesting. I’ve also found out that the people behind it are high quality too! Buzzing with ideas and ways to move forward, the environment and moral in the office has been great to see and be a part of.

Agencies, in my head, are meant to ooze creativity and coolness. With a light-up pencil in the corner, the best tagline ever, unusual, to say the least, birthday songs for everyones celebrations, some serious beer pong pre-drinks, and finally the bright yellow everywhere can’t do much not to prove that.

It’s hard to believe that I could be reminiscing, but I am, and some of my proud moments include the first ever social panel I made (that had to be redone to the 20% rule later on but we won’t mention that outside the brackets), the it didn’t look like i’d done it but I did effect, sitting in on a very important brainstorm, being part of the character and background redesign for an app, creating content ideas for the company’s Instagram and it being liked, seeing a panel i made get over 1000 likes, buying some great birthday cakes intern style, being named the best prop getter (not official as there was no competition), and many more opportunities that I didn’t even imagine I was going to be able to do.

I can’t thank Engage enough and everyone there and hope that I go on to find that my next ventures are as useful and fun.

…Mic drop (checking to see if the office dog is around — not to hit it)