Professional Portfolio development — Once upon a module

First of all, this isn’t a story. This is documented lessons and notes panning a couple of weeks…

The Beginning

The first week back had introductions to the assignment and what’s due in the module. The planning started with brainstorming the skills we’ve gathered on the course, and what we would like to pursue. Using our findings to inform our research into potential job titles, it was a fruitful pursuit.

An interesting site ( showed freelancers (including graphic, social and web design skilled) displaying their portfolios and including their hourly rate. Appropriate to my current situation, the website was valuable in learning what others do to attract attention and how some of the sites profiles were over-commercialised. The more typical job searching I did, inspired what possible Social Media job titles there are out there. One being Social Content Designer.

Later in the day, I scrolled through Awwwards for some good portfolio inspiration for the development of my own! Wireframes were drawn and may the creation begin…


Check out this distinctive and attractive site:

^ 4-Feb

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