Professional Portfolio development — Visually pleasing

Imaging my portfolio site further — I thought about what the main feature on the first page might be. The ‘Good Stuff’ button is one of the main things you focus on, after the logo and ‘Hello’. This was created this way on purpose.

Thinking about the 3 click rule (Jeffrey Zeldman), getting to my portfolio content needs to be interesting but also easy.

This theory reflects how people use websites. Explaining the value of making things intuitive to the user. Another thing that emphasises the 3 click rule is something employers have mentioned — time! The design needs to get to the point with good pace.

Thinking about how to bring in little quirks to my design was important to me. Somewhere to explore this was the colour scheme. Colour influences the movement of someone’s eye so when creating this design after I’d gathered the blues/greens I decided that, to grab the attention in some areas more then others, I’d choose a bright and contrasting colour.

Discussed by Paul Olyslager, call-to-action buttons are valuable and need emphasis. Using colour and drop shadows are a great way to distinguish them.

^ 20 feb

Getting feedback from a speed mentoring session — discussing how CVs aren’t always a great representation of someone, it was suggested that having an online interactive CV would be more impressive. Not having a site up to show, once I got home I sorted out my webspace then got started on a simple ‘under construction page’.

^ 22 feb