New Year’s Resolutions - A Post Mortem

I had 5 things on my list last year. I managed to achieve two of them. 40% success rate. What happened?

Write at least once a week via blog or journal

Failed. I didn’t even write in my travel journal when I went traveling, which is a new low. This one gets bumped to the 2016 list.

Travel somewhere and feel less in my box

Crushed it. Some places I went this year:

  • Kauai, Hawaii
  • Whistler, BC
  • Silverton/Durango, CO
  • Sonora, CA
  • Portland, OR
  • New York (Utica, NYC, Long Island)
  • Lima/Arequipa/Cusco, Peru
  • All over Washington State (Vantage, Snoqualmie Pass, Mazama, Mt. Baker, Stevens Pass, Leavenworth, Olympic Coast, Central and North Cascades, Issaquah Alps, to name a few destinations)

Cook more / Eat out less

Failed. This probably needs more thought. I should set a goal to cook some number of times per week, or bring my homemade lunches to work, etc. Bump to next year.

Invest in my relationships

Mostly failed. This one has got to go on top of the list for next year, and less abstractly. It’s not as simple as “travel somewhere” — I can literally travel anywhere and that one is checked off.

This one takes very deliberate and persistent effort in a variety of ways. There are people in my life that deserve more from me. I will be thinking more about how to successfully define and achieve this goal next year. Back on the list.

Run a half marathon and do it under 2 hours

1:42 @ 2015 Seattle Marathon

Not terrible but not great. For failed goals, they well be reevaluated and reset. I’ve got some good ideas to add for next year.

Goodbye to an amazing 2015, and see you soon for another incredible chapter in 2016.

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