Finding Our Own Red Line: What Are The Unforgivable Sins Trump Can Commit Against His Base?

ABC News has come out with an article talking about 4 campaign stances Trump has reversed himself on (

  • China as currency manipulator
  • NATO (kinda)
  • Janet Yellen
  • Import-Export Bank

There’s been a lot of talk about red lines and crossing them recently regarding the happenings in Syria. Since the air strikes last week, Trump supporters have been split and these reverses on campaign stances certainly aren’t gonna help win back some favor with the nationalist wing of his base.

Paul Joseph Watson tweeted after the Syria airstrikes that he was officially OFF the Trump Train, though he’s walked that back a little bit since then. Now some others are saying that if he fires Steve Bannon they will stop supporting the President.

This has got me to thinking, as a huge (yuge!) Trump supporter, what are the unforgivable sins he can commit that will get me off the train. What is the red line he can cross that will lose him my support.

My reasons for voting Trump in the first place was the Supreme Court, healthcare and tax reform, and immigration. All things considered, these are the actions President Trump could take that would get me off the team:

  • Participating in regime change in Syria
  • Reversing stance on illegal immigration
  • Failure to ease tax burden on the middle-class
  • Failure to repeal/replace Obamacare

WW3 and a nuclear holocaust would also be bad. But the dude running North Korea is a nut. What can you do when a little man with a little man complex has nukes? Encouragingly, China seems to be stepping up to help take care of the situation. Who knows, maybe easing up on the China-as-currency-manipulator tough talk is part of some “Art of the Deal” type thing to help get them on board with us.

Whatever the heck is going on in the White House, I still believe in the President. I am troubled that he’s starting to go sideways a little bit, but he hasn’t crossed my red line. Don’t give up on MAGA yet!

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