Deploying from the underground

The other day I was in London for my day job. I had to go from King’s Cross to Tower Bridge, to Blackfriars then back to King’s Cross so naturally I was on the tube for a fair amount of time.

Luckily it wasn’t very busy so I got a seat and I thought I would pass the time by cracking out the MacBook and trying to patch an awkward bug on my landing page.

I managed to figure it out fairly quickly and quite interestingly I also found another bug which was down to lack of connectivity on the tube (a time where no internet has helped, very rare).

Either way, now that most tube stations have free wifi I managed to patch my bug, commit my changes and in a brief moment stopped at a station, push to production.

It just made me think that we are really living in the future.

Also, I saw a funny tube sign which made me giggle: