First day in Bristol

Ian Kent
Ian Kent
Sep 2, 2017 · 2 min read
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I spent my first day here being woken up at 8am by the builders that are still doing a bit of last minute sprucing to the house share that I’m staying at.

Considering that I didn’t want to spend my whole day stepping over toolboxes and scraping my elbows on freshly painted walls, I took a wander into the centre of Bristol.

The walk is about 25 minutes from my place in Clifton and is littered with lovely bars and restaurants which I was frantically trying to cache in my brain for future reference.

I made it in for about 9am, had a walk around the central shopping area which is huge. I grabbed a coffee and waited for the shops to open which apparently happens at 10am on a Saturday. Who knew.

My other main reason for going into the centre was to get myself a new computer.

My beloved MacBook which I bought in 2011 had finally crapped out on me last week. I had a crash which seemed like a kernel panic but turned out to be the RAM failing. When trying to boot back up I got the dreaded 3 beeps of death.

Instead of spending money on replacing the RAM etc. I took the hint that this was time to get a new machine.

Instead of going for another Mac I decided to make the jump to an iPad Pro.

I had the normal worries about whether an iPad can do everything I want to do and more so, if it could do those things well without all the normal “niggles” that just make you want to use a laptop.

So far, this has not been the case at all.

I’m typing this post now in the Medium app with an instance of Safari on the right of my screen (easy access for the above links). The experience is great. Everything is quick, easy to get to and just feels lighter than using a normal laptop.

The heavy lifting will come when I decide to attempt any sort of software work on this. So far I’m planning on using a virtual machine somewhere and Coda/Prompt from Panic. I’ll write something about this when I get to it.

To get back to being in Bristol. So far I’m really enjoying it. It’s so nice to have bars, restaurants, cafes, shops and everything else within 5 minutes with even more just a short walk away.

Tomorrow I’m planning on visiting the Clifton Suspension Bridge which I hear is beautiful and that there’s a nice pub nearby with great views.

TL;DR: things are good, bought an iPad, more to come.

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