Two and half months in R&D

Submissions, reviews, calls, meetings, trains, miles and miles and miles on the motorway.

My first couple of months or so in this job has been an absolute whirlwind of travel, learning and hard graft but I would not change it for anything. There is something completely intoxicating about this job.

Whereas at my previous jobs it felt like a chore and an inconvenience to stay late to get something finished off, I often find now that I don’t notice that time has chugged along and I’m into the evening.

Whilst I’m not looking to make a habit of staying at work for the sake of it, the last few months have been a particularly busy time so I’ve been happy to put the hours in.

The other side of the job is travel. An awful lot of it in the first few months which has been tiring but I’ve met some really interesting people along the way.

Overall, I realise I’ve made a great decision taking this new challenge on. Here’s hoping it continues.