Working with the Xero API

My current project involves using accounts information from cloud accounting sources.

I decided to work with Xero to start off with, mainly because I’ve liked using it in my day job and it’s prettier than the other cloud based systems.

Turns out, as pretty as the UI is, the API is a very different beast.

I have just spent the majority of my evening writing a handler for presenting the TB report as a coherent hash rather than what seemed like a dumb XML version of a .csv file.

At some point I may build the helper out a bit more as I think it would be a helpful addition to the library for interacting with Xero that I’m using.

Either way, I’ve spent a few nights on this project now and it’s starting to be built out into something that might work.

I’ve realised at this point that I am trying to shoehorn my ruby backend into this so I may have to pivot to an all-javascript solution which I’m not looking forward to. For now I’m going to cling onto my ruby backend until I literally can’t hang on anymore: