Week 18 : Mind game on fleek


My energy levels this past week were much better and I was not feeling as tired as the previous week. I suppose this thing is all about ebb and flow. Monday leg day was however insane as usual but we managed. It was mainly focused on quads, with the grand opening being 100 leg extensions. Lovely.


Tuesday was back and shoulders. On Wednesday I did my cardio as part of gym session, in the form of 200 plyo squats back-to-back with 200 plyo lunges. That will always hurt. I finished off that session with a tricep workout. Thursday was bicep super-setting with chest. Seems I have gotten a bit stronger and can now E-Z bar curl up to 15 reps (in 5’s) with a 5kg on each side. YAY!! Once upon a time I could only stomach less than 10. We love progress :)

But why though?

Friday was glutes and hammies but I did not manage to complete everything on the workout agenda so I carried it forward to the following morning’s session. I like Saturday morning sessions because they are less pressured in terms of time. I don’t feel like I am racing against the clock as I am during the week. Also, the gym is less busy and a bit more peaceful. This is also the day I get to touch up on any lose ends from the week or add in some extra work in areas that need poilishing or a bit more attention. It’s also when I get to catch up with my coach Hellen and ask all the burning questions etc. Saturday’s workout included a bit of everything; glutes and hammies, shoulders, lats, claves and abs. I used compound movements/combined exercise moves wherever possible (eg. shoulder front lat raise+back row), which made it more efficient to get through.

YASSS!!! I finally have a fave go-to glute exercise!

I finished off with posing while Hellen and Prince watched. I decided to pose in my full bikini suite and shoes for the first time. I just felt it was time to get used to doing it that way and also to melt away the shyness of walking around in a bikini in heels in the gym. There will be a lot more people on the contest day so if I can’t handle the everyday gym public, what more on the actual day? I was mortified for the first 2min (that entrance and walk from the changing rooms, omg) then I got over it pretty quickly as I had to pose in the main room because the studio was occupied. I’ve also found that I am more confident practising posing inbetween sets sometimes without feeling weird about it or embarrassed because people are watching. People will stare and some might think ‘what a narcassistic little lifter that is’ …or whatever but since when do other peoples’ opinions count for anything anyway? One’s just gotta do…

Points to take note of from the posing session include;
Working of confident/decided footwork
Squeezing and perking the glutes
Smile and extra sass ;) 
Lock-in from the bottom up, squeeze, elongate torso, suck in abs THEN turn upper body towards judges. Then smile some more!

Would ya look at THAT!!

Saturday was my re-feed day. I was not allowed to do cardio as Hellen preferred that my body used up the glycogen rather than me burning it off via cardio, otherwise it would have defeated the purpose of a re-feed day. 
My sweet potato experiments continue. I made stuffed sweet potato that had a mix of chicken breast, fish, veggies and some mashed sweet potato. So YUM. Can you imagine how it took me 25 years of my life to appreciate the goodness that is sweet potatoes?


3 weeks to go now. My aim is to keep my head in the right place as much as possible both in relation to training and diet. My new way of trying to control cravings is keeping as busy as possible. I’m almost there. Overall, I have done well. I just need to maintain the focus to the very end by continuing to push my limits and giving my all. I have set a little challenge for myself for this week in which I will be doing 100 reps of one ab exercise back-to-back with 100 reps of one glute exercise first thing every morning. This is just to mix things up a bit to keep myself motivated and not bored. 
I am also craving a good old tabata bike cardio workout so my aim is to fit that into one of my cardio sessions this week.

Seriously, y’all stay away from me with your cool ass food.

Focus focus focus. It’s easy. I can do this.

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