New haircut, Product Hunt?
Ryan Hoover

The new homepage seems like an improvement from the last one; as I didn’t like the horizontal scrolling before. I’m upset that the ‘hunter’ images aren’t hidden any more though; so I can’t see who hunted a product without opening it.

I do find the /tech page harder to navigate than before. The padding seems very big when you have images toggled off (as we talked about a ‘compact view’ when reviewing the Invision designs). If we look at the side by side below, you’ll see that for the same real-estate now, you can see like 4 products. Whereas with an older design I could have browsed like ~15:

I’m finding myself using the mobile app more now, just as the products are more consumable to me. As you can see in the above screenshot, it just doesn’t seem a good use of screen realestate at the moment.

I’d also suggest rethinking the ‘media’ thumbnails. As there’s currently no indication if there’s one media file attached, or 10. There’s just tiny subtle shading indicating more images behind, which is too subtle imho:

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