hiking to my bus stop.
the tiresome wait…

Are Subways the Answer?

I’ve attached a link to an awesome video I find personally highly relatable. As a commuter, most believe it is easy to catch a bus, light rail or other public transportation forms without worry. Unfortunately, that’s not necessarily true. The link below will highlight various aspects of the United States transportation quality and discusses other countries’ effective and efficient way of exporting commuters from point A to B such as subways. I would highly encourage the U.S to consider the use of subways considering their time reliability (always on time), speed capability, and much more!

My fondness of this change to be implemented comes from experiencing how incredibly packed and late my bus constantly arrives, which results in me having to rush to class or even arrive late. Most likely having to stand to and from my destination from space limitations is a hassle, especially when I’m carrying tons of textbooks, my huge backpack, food, etc. It’s risky for one to wait for the next bus to come, because there’s no guarantee that it would arrive within the 10–20 minute wait. Plus, who wants to stand in the cold even longer after a long day! I can honestly go on forever about important changes my commuter peers and I would love to enforce, but to conclude, the U.S. needs to be more attentive and financially giving to fixing public transportation problems.


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