“Can you just prototype it first, then I’ll decide what I want?”
Michelle Lee

Oh that meme ;)

Agree with you here. We all meet such clients who breed on “show me the designs” philosophy to unlock their hidden ‘gems’ of opinions/thoughts which could range from “Oh, where is that feature…” to “I don’t know, its missing something!!”.

As I see, that is not changing any time soon. However, what has worked for me is understanding that — these people just want ‘some’ design and not ‘the’ design they are looking for. So I essentially do not spend much time in brainstorming too much, but rig up something ‘visually cool’ using standard UI kits to display the product idea on a generic level. Basically I treat that effort/design as a fodder for the clients to unlock their zipped up ideas! Has worked in most cases.

Notice how I did not say we could share a wireframe — as my experience says that until something visually cool is put on the platter, most people do not relish it.

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