Hello from Dropbox Design
Kurt Varner

Welcome! I have always seen Dropbox as an organization and more so a product which strives to deliver high emotional value apart from just focusing on feature lists.

One interesting observation from your hiring page: It was so heartening to see a profile titled: Product Designer, Visual Specialist. I thought that was really well portrayed and very product focused way of describing a design role in a product setting. And boy, when I saw a role titled, “UX Writer” — you won it for me! It right away shows the org’s focus on good design, content and experience. Good products are a byproduct of the setting, eh?! ;)

However, if I may ask your thought process and experience in — Why not a “Product Designer, Interaction Lead” in the same tune as a Visual Specialist, rather than just a Product Designer? I possibly understand the intent behind it — but it will good to hear, how the transition from design research to interaction design happens — and how that is handled within your design team.

All the best!

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