The Very Serious Problem With Hillary — all of you fuckers!
Jesse Cuthbert

This entire article is shit because the underlying premise fails. Hillary Clinton lost because Hillary Clinton lost, despite running against the worst political candidate for any office…ever! Someone’s gotta win and someone’s gotta lose. She lost. Period.

You wanna make it about emails? It…never…was…about…emails. It was about whether she mishandled classified information. If that’s not relevant to you, in a Commander In Chief, stop being coy and just say that! As someone who served in the military and had a security clearance, I can tell you this- if I did what she did, I’d be in a Federal prison right now.

You wanna make it about FBI Director Comey? Comey was screwed either way (if he sits on it, the Republican-led oversight committee leaks it and he’s fucked. If he discloses it, he’s potentially affecting the election) BUT if you hadn’t mishandled classified information and rules you knew on the appropriate care and storage of sensitive and classified materials, Senator Clinton, James Comey wouldn’t have had shit to say about shit. Own it!

You wanna make it about misogyny? Surely there was some of that. How much? Who knows? How would you measure it? I do know this- white women didn’t vote for her. Enough to swing the election. Fact. Y’all own THAT and stop trying to attack only men who would never support her.

You wanna make it about “Bernie Bros”? If the roles were reversed and Bernie Sanders had conspired with the DNC to withhold voter/donor lists from you, put out dirty lies like you were an atheist, rigged debates by getting the questions in advance (it happened, all proven true, so stop)…how enthusiastically would you support Senator Sanders? Honestly.

You wanna make it about the electoral college? Sooooooo, we didn’t all know how elections work BEFORE the election?

You wanna make it about “a vote for a 3rd party candidate is a vote for Trump.” Of all the excuses, this is the most asinine. Since when are Americans required to vote for only the 2 major party candidates? And don’t candidates have to EARN our votes? What exactly did Hillary Clinton articulate that would make a guy like me want to support her? That she’s not a white supremacist? Not good enough. And more on that at the bottom.

Finally, you wanna make it about Russia? Hey, Russia definitely did something. What? I have no idea yet. And if you’re being honest, neither do you. When the actual facts come out, I reserve the right to re-assess everything, like a grown up does when presented with facts.

I’ve never seen so much continued coverage on a vanquished opponent. Did McCain get this much press afterwards? Kerry? Gore? Dole? Dukakis? And it’s not like this was her first time running. She ran in ’08 and the public did not select her then either. There’s nothing to cry over here. Hillary Clinton has a laundry list of distinguished accomplishments that she should be very proud of. So, no she doesn’t need to sit down and shut up. She’s earned the right to say whatever the hell she wants. But damn, no one respects sore losers.

This is my own assessment only but please tell me where I’m wrong.


A Former “Super-Predator”


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