As the pensions reforms loom closer more and more people are looking at the buy-to-let market. Britain's is already in the midst of a £12bn buy-to-let boom , as middle-income people try their hand at becoming amateur landlords. Despite buy=to-let mortgages being more expensive than normal owner-occupied mortgages, with savings rates being so low , thousands of familes are looking for alternative ways of investing their savings. Investors are capitalising on the excellent returns as people are forced to rent for longer because of escalating house prices and the stricter lending rules brought in last April. This is expected to increase as the radical pension reforms planned for this April take effect and people will be allowed to withdraw their retirement savings for the first time.Remortgaging for buy-to-let borrowers rose almost 10 times faster compared to house movers, with the number of loans soaring to just 24% between January and November compared to just 2.4% for ordinary buyers. (CML figures show)

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