Account management 101: Dealing with your client complaints

Working agency-side, you learn to have a thick skin as you deal with complaints from your clients. Some of your clients’ issues are small and easy to dismiss, others can stick with you for a while.

Something my previous boss said about clients complaining has really stuck with me. I was talking about a certain client who was always finding fault in the work we were sending over. I was getting slightly despondent, and just wanted to give up.

My boss said:

“It’s our clients’ job to find fault in the work we send to them. Think about your internet service provider. How many times do you phone them up just to say thank you for the good uninterrupted internet connection? You’d never do that. You only phone them when it’s broken. You don’t have to thank them for what they give you every month because you are paying for that service, just as our clients’ pay for ours.”

When you think about it that way, it really does put everything into perspective.

I’ve also learnt that any feedback from a client is not directed at me, and sometimes there are external variables that are impacting your client. Everyone is human.