The Minimalism Game

I stumbled across The Minimalists quite a while ago, I think it was through one of their TED talks, or it could have been that my friend Talya mentioned them to me, I’m not completely sure.

For whatever reason, I watched a couple of their TED talks, and then I started following them on Twitter. They share some pretty interesting content, and they’re always engaging with their followers. I was scrolling through my Twitter timeline one night and came across a tweet that they had re-tweeted about The Minimalism Game. I had to know more.

Basically, you start The Minimalism Game on the 1st of the month, and get rid of 1 thing, then on the 2nd you get rid of 2 things etc. By the 31st you should have gotten rid of almost 500 things. (You can donate the things, throw them away, sell them, give them to a friend. It doesn’t matter, it just needs to be out of your place)

When I first read that, I looked around my tiny apartment and I thought that I didn’t possibly own 500 things that I could get rid of. But I wanted to try.

So October was the month that I played The Minimalist Game (as well as doing sober October, it was a challenging month).

Now, looking back at aaaall the things that I no longer have in my apartment, it feels pretty good. I got rid of clothes, CDs, books, old university notes, shoes, stationary, crockery, glassware, toiletries, electronics. I threw out a lot of things, over 500 things.

Now, 13 days after The Minimalist Game has ended, I don’t miss a single one of those things. In fact, I’m looking around my apartment to see what else I can get rid of.

As The Minimalist’s say: Less is Now.

You think you need that thing again, or that you’ll re-read that one book, or that you’ll definitely need that one top for some certain event.

You won’t miss any of it.

Find out more about The Minimalist Game here.