8 reasons we almost never use ThemeForest Themes

Do you use ThemeForest themes for your clients? If so, you might find this post contentious, or at least interesting.

Over the years of building websites for clients, I was asked about a lot of different TF themes. I of course told them what I thought. The response is usually “What’s wrong with ThemeForest?” This post aims to answer that with clear reasoning.

Ok, first up… not ALL themes on TF are bad. But the percentage of bad ones is high enough that it just isn’t worth the hassle searching through them and taking the risk. It’s a legit gamble when you pick a theme, because you just don’t know enough before the purchase.

I Once Loved ThemeForest

Like (probably) most web designers, I started out my journey thinking “Wow, there’s something here for everyone. I’ll just be able to pick one that is close and modify it!”.

We built a few sites and things were going great… for a while.

The problems almost always show themselves 6 months or more down the track.

So what should you do?

After building loads of sites and inheriting poorly built websites over the years, this is an issue I feel pretty strongly about.

But to tell you the truth, ThemeForest is not really the problem. It’s just a marketplace.

As long as “all in one” themes keep selling, people will continue to make them. And ThemeForest will continue to sell them.

So from here I’ll assume you’re going to take my word for it.

If you are engaging a professional to build your website, ask them kindly not to use ThemeForest.

Why I don’t like ThemeForest

To see all the reasons and explanation about why I generally stay away, check out the full post.

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