20 automatically written thesis about my life

Several weeks ago, I just sit down and started mindlessly writing several rules, thesis and basics of my mindset to my notebook. It wasn’t very deeply thought, they were absolutely automatically written. Nothing more, nothing less. Still though, what came out seemed to me worth to publish. Here they are:

  1. To work a lot is normal.
  2. Rather spend time on meaningful work than sleep for 8 hours.
  3. One day hard work will pay off .
  4. To never be bored is key.
  5. Work should be creative.
  6. Education is active, not passive operation.
  7. It is necessary to always think of improving yourself and your actions .
  8. There is no ceiling. Believing is crucial to achieve any goal.
  9. When I do something voluntarily, I do is as best as I can.
  10. When I do not want to do something, I don’t do it and I am not loosing time.
  11. There is always time. “I don’t have time” is not an answer.
  12. Family is more important than work and school. Always.
  13. Don’t complain or change it.
  14. It is not alright to demand acknowledgement for good job.
  15. Always think about how what you do contributes to personal development
  16. Everything is relative
  17. Vision is always more than salary
  18. It is not favorable to know what salary others have for a same work
  19. “Every day above ground is a good day”
  20. It is not possible to ingratiate everybody and be nice to everybody

This is 11th story out of 52. I’m writing this series as part of My 2017 English Challenge

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