A sad story of a youtuber who has not been growing up with his fans

I watch Youtube still kind of a lot. But, not by surprise, I used to watch it even more and over the course of years of it being a substitution for most of the entertainment, my taste for videos certainly developed a lot. With that said, what left from my previously huge subscriber list, I consider the gold of current Youtube.
At times of elementary school, when I was being generally considered the biggest nerd in the class (what a terrible episode of my life) I was watching a lot of gaming videos. Some of the creators I watch till today, however, most of them got viciously eliminated from my subscriber list. The finest example for all, Dutch youtuber Kwebbelkop.
Oh, what sad story. This guy has over 6,5 million subscribers, he is probably rolling in the money and is worldwide known. I started watching him in fall 2013 when we had around 600 thousands subscribers. Since this time he moved twice, had 2 girlfriends, 3+ roommates, traveled to uncountable locations, his father died tragically … and most profoundly his life changed forever. As part of his community, I have seen all this live, thus It feels even sadder where his creations end up.
Day after day I was enjoying one video after another… I got his apparel, even a premium golden t-shirt.
After moths to years of pure joy, something got wrong. Back then I did not realize what it was, but I had slowly begun to stop watching him. Firstly skipping just some of the videos, then the whole series and after some time I unsubscribed. Suddenly it felt just terribly boring, but weirdly enough, not after 3 or 4 days but after several years and hundreds of watched videos.
Later on, I actually realized what was (and still is) an issue. You would say that every youtuber develops his videos somehow on his journey, which most times is the case.
But not Kwebbelkop’s case.
He has not developed a bit. He has still the same style, same laugh, same scream and oh my god — he even records the very same games as three years ago. There definitely are some minor differences, but honestly, nothing spectacular. And this approach is still working for some reason.
I cannot imagine anybody following his journey for longer than I did because there is no journey. There is just pure consistency, with a not bit of development. Therefore I think (and I might be wrong) that the number of his subscribers is not merely rising, rather than it is rising quicker than lowering. In others words, the “old” fans are waving goodbye slower than new ones arrive.
This is happening also because he has not been growing up with his fans. I mean, 3+ years can do a massive difference in personality of a person, especially when it comes to teenagers. If Entertainers, including youtubers, want to secure the same viewer, they have to follow their path.
For sure it is also an approach, though how long it is sustainable, is, in my opinion, the right question to ask.

This is 14th story out of 52. I’m writing this series as part of My 2017 English Challenge

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