Glimpse of my time in Amsterdam

Airbnb included

Oh hi, haven’t seen you in a while! That’s because May was seriously the busiest I have had in a very long time. But as usual, in my case busy means amazing.

In the middle of the month, I went to Amsterdam, primarily to attend 
The Next Web Conference. No doubt, the conference was awesome itself, but I have experienced much more than that in that beautiful city. I won’t say much about the conference itself, there was a lot in the news.

It was a trip of lots of ‘first times’. It was the first time I traveled alone in a foreign country, the first time in the Netherlands, first time I went abroad to work, the first time I have flown plane alone or first time I used Airbnb for my accommodation.

And that exactly, I think, was the key factor why I enjoyed my trip as I enjoyed it. Right away, it is true, alternative accommodation services like Airbnb truly change the perspective of city. With that said, I was able to name several reasons why is it like that.

First of all, it should be said that I did not have high expectations from the city itself. Partly because I knew I was going to destination only 800 kilometers away, still in Europe, so I suspected I will se the similar culture, similar architecture, and similar everything.

Surprisingly I was wrong. First thing that amazed me was style of the common architecture. No seriously, these perfect lines of monotone houses, built right after WW2 is something you will never see in Prague. In one of these houses I lived together with my host Emil and from outside you wouldn’t say how small the apartments themselves are. For me, i really represented a vozy place to sleep, wash and eat breakfast. If you want a luxurious, king suite, go somewhere else. Personally, the simple apartment encouraged me to explore the city more and spend inside as little time as possible, which turned out to be perfect choice.

I was also pleasantly surprised when I found out I am accommodated in a muslim neighborhood. Call me a multiculturalism fanatic if you want to, but I was so happy everybody there live in piece, everybody was able to help when I was looking for bus stop or supermarket and nobody ever looked at me badly even though I was clearly looking as a tourist. To me, as to citizen of super-homogeneous country like Czech Republic, it brought me feelings of inner happiness.

And also — so many parks! There is green and water canal behind every corner and the largest parks are literally minutes form the very city center. Fortunately, I was relatively lucky with weather, so when I was going through Weterpark right after my arrival, it was full of people, laying, playing football, doing barbecue, even it was Wednesday 3pm at the time…

In the end of my trip I also visited the city center, which, to be honest did not satisfy me that much. I was very turisty, too crowded and after all, it was full of very same souvenir shops you can see anywhere in the world. I mean, definitely, the canals and all around is beautiful, but compared to my experience from previous days, it wasn’t by far as much enjoyable.

This is 18th story out of 52. I’m writing this series as part of My 2017 English Challenge