How bad weather influences work

As I am trying continually to do more with lesser time, I am quickly finding factors on which is my quality and quantity of work absolutely dependent.

One of them, which really bothers me is weather. For example, this whole week, here in Prague, Czech Republic has been looking like this:


Foggy, drizzling all day with not a single second of sunshine. Waking up into this and going to sleep with this. Interestingly, these conditions intensified by cough, headache an cold (which forced me to end the streak of 15 daily runs 😐) lowered my productivity and motivation to almost zero. Instead, I have been thinking a lot, watching documentaries, listening more music and mindlessly browsing through Facebook. Furthermore, approximately 40 % of all work I scheduled myself to do I have actually done.

I mean, many would said it’s not anything wrong, after all I know dozens of people who function like this regularly, no matter if it’s sun shining outside or is terrible cold and rain. But that’s not me and it really sucks.

On the other hand, when waking up to sun shining through curtains, then enjoying the energy on my way to school, the day usually turns out to be amazingly productive and everybody is happy.

That brings me right to my theory, which is based on that. In my opinion, generally sunny and clear weather could be one of the reasons why Silicon Valley is Silicon Valley, which of course, is based in sunny California.

This is 16th story out of 52. I’m writing this series as part of My 2017 English Challenge