Traveling around Yorkshire and beyond

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After last June’s week filled with 4 parties and end of my third year at high school, summer break began!

Even though a initial feelings were rather worries and scares from the next school year (which is going to be crucial in my life), right on the 2nd of July I started my first major experience of this year’s summer in Leeds, England. More specifically I went there to attend English Steps course.

But first things first — travel experience. There is an only airline flying from Prague to Leeds directly — which is, just by it’s name,is a budget airline. That was my first experience with this type of service and honestly, it left me very unimpressed. I am still in the phase when I consider flying as a special occasion, but these low-cost airlines degraded it to level of commuting.That is of course kind of a known fact, but I just don’t like it. Seats are not comfortable, not flatable, windows have no shades, interior is old and everything extra is paid.

Upon arrival to Leeds Bradford (LBA) however, which is smaller and therefore not so modern airport, I was deligted to see very simple taxi service.There is a little booth when you say where you want to go and you therefore pay immediately, in advance, so no taxi driver can take you for an unwanted journey.

Let’s stick with the transportation topic, because I obviously did not stay in Leeds for the whole two weeks.

The city center is not that big, so you can comfortably move around walking. I did not have to use public transport, which is provided only by buses, Uber though is fully functional and widely used in the city, so I used that several times.

There are big coach and train stations close to the center, both which I used. While going to a one day trip to Liverpool, we used coaches of National Express. Simple booking, toilet, working WiFi and chargers on board. Easy standard.

Additionally, I used train to get form Leeds to York. That was nothing special, nor nothing surprising. Both stations are well signed, modern equipped and you will get easily through.

But the airport…

On my way back I was able to look around the Leeds Bradford airport more.


Age of budget airlines does its thing and this little facility with 10 gates and one runway is not prepared for that. Long queuing times make people stuck and there are therefore missing their flights. Annoying woman shouting announcements is not making it easier. Personally, I have spent over 1 hour 45 minutes just to get through security (flight on Sunday afternoon). If on other airports they say you should arrive 2 hours before departure, there it is literally the minimum. Gate announced 5 minutes before its closing. But honestly, probably I am not the one to properly review the airport, since this was my first time using it. Just see reviews on SkyTrax.

This is 23rd story out of 52. I’m writing this series as part of My 2017 English Challenge

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