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Of Course I Still Love You, Ruby

After deciding to build a Personal Weather Station, and reading through this excellent resource to guide me (thank you!), it was time to buy the parts. Thankfully, they’ve included a list of what you need to buy here.

Their list serves as a recommended starting point, but you’re free to buy your own sensors or parts as you wish. Their recommendations are a function of cost, availability, Python library support, reliability, and accuracy. They aren’t all the “best” sensors, but I believe after some research they’re good enough for my beginner purposes.

As I have no prior experience building a weather station, I decided I would stick with the parts they’ve recommended for my first build. All in all, it cost me $289.45 after taxes and shipping to buy almost all of the parts.I left out some stuff related to the permanent weather proof enclosure and soldering materials, as I’ll buy those once I’ve built the prototype model and better understand the hardware and sensors I’m working with. You don’t need to buy everything right off the bat. You could start with the Raspberry Pi and a single sensor of your choice, and start in a modular fashion. …


Justin White